Monday, March 12, 2007

Weekend Update

Not much to report since the last post, hence no posts since Friday. I came home early Sat morning to spend the day with my family - Sat was Jackson's 8th birthday. He has been wearing that birthday hat all week and has slept in it a number of times:) He is really into music and baseball at the moment, so his favorite gifts revolved around those. It was nice to get a few hours break from the hospital and all the drama that has surrounded the past few days.

Jen spent the day at home with mom, just resting, walking around and generally getting the cob-webs out of her body. That anaesthesia really did a number on her. Jen went to the hospital for a few hours to hang out with Duni. He was off all pain meds by Sat. They discovered the medication he is allergic to and were able to give him the last dose of that and be done with it for good - which made him happy. He was bored and restless and just wanted to get home by Saturday night.

I woke up early on Sunday morning to drive back to Richmond for my dad's big discharge. But I got a phone call from Jen that said his BP was not low enough for them to release him Sunday morning. I talked to Dad around 8am and he asked me to come down anyway because he was confident that he would be released in the afternoon. So Jen and I stayed at the hospital for 7 hours - and his BP never got low enough for his release.

The 3 of us hung out in his room and watched some bad TV, dog shows and old movies, walked around, ate bad hospital food and watched that stupid BP monitor every 10 minutes. Duni was getting pissed, so Jen and I kept taking little walks around the hospital so he could rest. His BP periodically would come down as low at 118/85, but would shoot back up to 160/90 a few cycles later. The docs wanted it between 130 and 140 for 2 hours. Ugh...that was the kicker.

So Jen and I left last night and called the nurses station before bed and his BP had been hovering around 140 for an hour. They felt confident that he would be released this morning. He is not a happy camper. He wanted to come home on Thursday. I'm waiting on a call from Jen right now to see what the docs said, so I'll post once we know for sure when he is being sprung.

** Jen just called and dad's BP stayed at 118 overnight - after they gave him an anti-anxiety med. Apparently this whole BP thing was the result of him being stressed out. His recovery will not be compromised by undue stress. We will not allow it - period.