Monday, March 12, 2007

Duni's Headed Home

Duni just called me from the lobby of the hospital waiting to get in the car to go home!! He sounded excited, tired, irritated, joyful and relieved all at the same time. Over the next few days both my folks will be continuing their recoveries. Out of respect for their wishes, they need a few days to regroup before they will be up to re-entering life as usual.

As many of you know, my parents are both extremely private people. Chances are neither one of them will ever want to talk about the transplant in great detail again. My dad has this unbelievable ability to close the door on his past - both the good and the bad. Once he is done with something or someone, he can walk away and never look back. He might want to talk about the transplant or he might not. If he brings it up, then feel free to ask away, but if he just shrugs a question or inquiry off, he is not trying to be rude, he has just moved on. This surgery was just a bump in the road for him. His kidney issues have never been a big deal to him - hence the reason only 4 people on the planet ever knew about them and also the reason I started this blog - otherwise no one would ever have known he was even getting a kidney think I'm kidding!?! The last thing he wants to do is rehash it all. He's got people to see, places to go and golf to get back to.

Jen took some pictures of him today and hopefully I can get those posted soon. I will continue to update on a daily basis this week as he recovers at home. Jen is going to his first follow up appointment on Wed and I will be going to the second one on Friday. Jen will be heading home on Thurs and I will go stay Fri to Sunday.