Thursday, March 15, 2007

Jen's Gone Home

Jen just swung by on her way back home to Connecticut. She left my folks down in Richmond this morning. They will have a quiet day at home before I invade them tomorrow morning with my kids. Paul has a cold, so he can't visit. With all the crazy immuno-suppressants they've got him on, he can not be around people with viruses such as colds and flues.

His first post-op check up was yesterday. He was there for a few hours getting blood drawn and meeting with the surgeons, coordinators and various folks. They were all really pleased with his recovery. His BP has stayed well below 130, so they will be decreasing his BP meds. His energy is great and his pain is minimal. He has another appointment tomorrow that I will be taking him to. They expect to lower his immuno-suppressants meds at this appointment.

I hope to get my hands on the pictures Jen took of my dad when he left the hospital on Monday. I will post then when I get back from Richmond.