Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Recovery... a picture of contrasts

I just got off the phone with Ali and both Duni and MaryAnn are in their respective rooms recovering. Ali says that MaryAnn is very tired, weak and generally looks like she just got out of major surgery. Duni, on the other hand, is sitting up and talking to the doctors and is as happy as ever. Both are right on track and, according to the docs, this is fairly normal.

Ali was very surprised how good Duni looked. He has a number of tubes and dials and cords coming out of him, but is all-in-all in good shape. Both sets of kidneys seem to be working great.

This will be the last post of the evening. Ali and her sister are going to give the patients a chance to rest. Phase 1 is over; now comes the hard part of recovery...