Thursday, March 29, 2007

Duni's Up to His Old Tricks Again

My dad called me yesterday to tell me that he finished the deck off the back of the house. He also called to tell me that he was going golfing on Monday with his buddies (25 days post-op...they said he wouldn't golf for at least 90 days). He did promise to have one of his friends hit off the tee, and he would take over on the fairway to prevent any strain on his incision. He is also back to driving and mowing the lawn.

He had his weekly check-up today and the doctors just laugh at him at this point, because they know they can't stop him from doing whatever the hell he wants to do...welcome to our world:) They love him, which is no surprise, and find our family fascinating. He got his staples taken out today, and didn't want any kind of special scar-diminishing cream, because he thinks "it looks cool."

He also requested all his lab tests so we keep an eye on his progress, which they of course found odd, but were happy to oblige. It is so awesome to track his recovery in numerical form by his lab results. His creatinine continues to drop, this week it is at a 1.4. His BP is holding steady at 115/75, so they dropped one of the BP meds altogether today. His glucose hovers between 80-100, which is excellent, his potassium is down from a record high of 5.8 to a 4.2, his bun is coming down, his hemoglobin is going up and his protein is going down - all great, great, great. We will continue to tract these numbers as Duni LOVES to see them. He actually enjoys taking his BP and temp the required 4 times a day - he cracks me up.