Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Day 2 - "Unbelievable Progress"

It is 5pm and Jen and I just landed back at my folk's house after a long day at the hospital. We were so overwhelmed when we were finally able to get to check our cell phone voice mails (cells are not allowed in the transplant unit) to find both our inboxes FULL of messages of love and support. You all are amazing. All 4 of us feel disconnected from the real world, but knowing that we have been covered in prayer gives us all strength and peace.

When Jen called the nurses at 6am this morning for an update, they had nothing but good things to say about both mom and dad's progress. They both slept great and were drinking clear liquids. By the time we got to the hospital they were both sitting in chairs and had some hot tea. Mom was still a little groggy, but much more lucid than last night. Her catheter was out and her pain meds had been lowered. Dad was up in his chair giving the nurses hell. 24 hours after a major organ transplant and he is already the life of the party! Typical Duni:)

Soon after we arrived, the occupational therapist wanted my mom to walk around. She wanted to go see my dad, so she walked down the hall to his room. He was THRILLED to see her - it was such a sweet and tender moment to see these 2 people, who have been married for 40 years and been through a tremendous amount of joy and pain together, to be overcome with emotion and gratitude for the others sacrifice. I caught the moment on film:

Our favorite uncle (my mom's brother, Steve) is taking us out to dinner tonight. He has been taking great care of Jen and I this week. After dinner, we plan on going back to the hospital to check in one last time before turning in for the night. The docs expect my mom to be able to come home tomorrow afternoon. They still anticipate that my dad won't come home until Sunday. We will be bringing him his portable DVD player - because "I'm bored", and his toiletries, because "I stink" and all his food because "I won't eat anything MaryAnn hasn't prepared".

We will post again tonight before bed. Thanks again for all your love - we feel blessed to have friends like you. We promise to get back to all of 40 of you who have called in due time as the craziness settles. Please bear with us, we are thinking of you as much as you are thinking of us. Without good friends like you, things would be harder to deal with.