Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Calling it a Night

It is 10pm and my dad just called Jen - he is still awake and sitting in his chair - what a dork. We didn't make it back to the hospital tonight - we stayed out late with Steve at dinner...we all needed to relax. We called the nurses as soon as we got home. My mom is off her IV, but they had to put the catheter back in because her kidney was not producing enough urine. She has not eaten anything, but is not nauseous.

Dad just called to remind us to bring his toiletries and food - he's bored. His creatinine levels have come down from a high of 10 to a much more acceptable 3. The docs are very pleased with that. His blood pressure was pretty erratic today ranging from the 180's to the 120's. He seems to be leveling off in the 140's, which makes the nurses happy. My mom's BP is 98/65, a little low, but nothing to worry about.

Tomorrow there will be more walking, peeing and eating of solid foods...I'm having a deja-vu of life with a toddler. Speaking of kids - Jackson got the flu today. He threw up 5 times. He has not gotten sick since he was 18 months old - not 1 fever, not 1 runny nose, no vomiting, nothing. While this might seem like a bad thing, it is actually encouraging because his immune system has been on overdrive for 7 years, attacking everything too aggressively, including not just viruses and bacteria, but also his liver, gut and brain. Paul is doing a great job taking care of him, lots of love and spot remover:)

That means they won't be able to come down here on Sunday for Jackson's birthday party because my dad's on high doses of immuno-suppressants which make him extremely vulnerable to infection. But hopefully Paul and the kids can come the following weekend to check on Duni and Grammy Squirt.