Thursday, March 8, 2007

Mom's Home

One down 1 to go! Mom is upstairs resting. We took her home today around noon. She looked and felt great this morning as was able to urinate on her own - which was the main criteria for her discharge. I am gathering up food for dad and headed back to the hospital to hang out with him for a bit while Jen stays here with mom.

Dad is having an allergic reaction to one of his anti-rejection meds which is giving him a severe "rash". The rash is not visible on the skin, but is causing intense itching all over his body. They were able to calm the itching with high doses of benadryl, but are looking into switching this med.

Here are some pictures from today's visit. Dad got up and went for a walk for the first time this afternoon and was able to clean himself up a bit. All of these things brought him great joy. I am on the hunt for the cord to his DVD player so he's got something to do this evening.