Thursday, March 22, 2007

MaryAnn is Offically Done!

Mom had her post-op check-up and the docs gave her their final seal of approval. She has no issues or problems that they can detect and will no longer need to do any follow up care with the transplant clinic.

She was thrilled. She can now drive and go back to work. She was growing restless just sitting around the house. Now she can chauffeur Duni around town. He has another appt. on Thursday. Every time he goes, they lower his meds. He loves that and is encouraged by how well his body is responding the my mom's kidney. His BP is still in the 120's, his glucose is back in the 90s and his creatinine is around 1.2.

Everyone from the transplant team has called them a dream couple. No issues before, during, or after the transplant. It's almost as if we have been working our tails off for the last 3 years preparing Duni for this to make sure his body would respond this beautifully...oh, wait...that is ALL we have been doing for the last 3 years. For anyone who thinks this result is just good-luck, think again. Good health has to be fought for, and we have been fighting for this for a long time. My parents are brilliant examples of what a healthy lifestyle can overcome. It is never too late to change your course and get on the road to a healthy life. It just take a little hard work and a stubborn New England attitude doesn't hurt:)