Friday, March 9, 2007

Day 4

I just wanted to post a quick note before we head out for the morning. Mom is upstairs resting. She was up early and after a few hours of relaxing with Jen and I, she needed a nap. She isn't very hungry, but is drinking lots of liquid.

Dad called at 7am. He slept great last night - no itching. He put in his daily menu requests to Jen and she got all his GFCF food squared away for the day. We are headed over there now with new DVDs and lots of food. The infamous Duni appetite is back.

The nurses and docs are so impressed by both my folks recovery that they all requested info on NEDlife and the programs we have done up until this point. They are all anxious to see how my dad's long term recovery fares compared to folks who have not implemented these programs. There are two researchers at MCV who are doing studies on the role of gluten and vitamin D deficiency in kidney disease, so they are particularly intrigued by dad.