Friday, May 4, 2007

Stent Out

Today Duni had his stent taken out. He was thrilled because now he can stop the antibacterials that they had him on to prevent an infection. He got to talk to Dr. Megson the other day when he was at his H-BOT appointment (see previous blog entry) and she was appalled at all the meds they had him on and said he had to "be aggressive" with the docs about cutting some out - like the antacids, stool softeners, and BP meds. She urged him to load up on the probiotics as these specific meds can destroy all your good flora and cause common post-transplant digestive issues. So he went into the transplant clinic and told them he was going to stop taking 3 of the 4 BP meds because not only were they unnecessary, but he was having some pretty major negative side effects such as dizziness, sleepiness and brain fog. His BP has been between 100-115/75 for the last 4 weeks. And since his renal failure was due to a gluten intolerance and NOT high BP, all those meds were unnecessary.

Anyway, he is going to do 20 H-BOT treatments to aid in his recovery process and is already shocked at how amazing he feels after only 3. Pure oxygen is a true "miracle drug" for damaged tissue (kidney, brain, gut, lung, liver, muscle, etc...). And after all the crazy meds he's been on over the last few months, every cell in his body is crying out to be rejuvenated with pure oxygen. While drugs are good for the short term, they can really do a number on your body long term.

Jen and I bought my mom 4 H-BOT treatments for Mother's Day because even after 8 weeks post-op she still is having anesthesia-related issues. Anesthesia can take up to a year to totally leave the body and leaves some people "out-of-it" for months. My mom, being such a light weight, is one of them. So 4 hours of the H-BOT should blast that anesthesia right out of her! What a weird family we are:)