Wednesday, May 2, 2007

H-Bot Rocks!

Read the following email I got from my mom yesterday:

Daddy had his first umpiring job since his transplant. Everything went great until the 4th inning when he stepped into a hole running to third base and fell on his side. He’s fine – but when he came home, after finishing the game of course, he was dizzy. Long story short: after the fall he felt ‘OK’ but as the innings went on he felt dizzy. He never was nauseous, no blurred vision, but his right upper ribs were sore. I made him sit down (he actually was unsteady when he got home), pumped fluids into him and gave him a can of peaches in syrup. I had him take his BP. Listen to this…….after umpiring (and running) for 7 innings, his BP was only 112/65 – but his HR was 80, so after I checked for a concussion, I sent him to bed to "sleep it of".

My mom called me this morning and said the Duni was "totally out of it" when he woke up. Slurring his words, major brain fog, awkward gait, shaking hands, dizziness, depressed mood, etc... I hung up with her and called Dr. Megson's right away. She is Jackson's autism specialist and world reknowned for her work with neurological recovery. We both agreed that his dopamine receptor was probably effected by the surgery (anesthesia) and somehow triggered "an episode" by the fall. I told my dad that this was how Parkinson's felt. I made an appointment for him to go into Dr. Megson's office this afternoon for a hyperbolic oxygen treatment to stimulate his neurological recovery. He went in the "H-Bot" for 1 hour. Now read my mom's email from this afternoon:

The difference between Daddy this morning at 8:30 a.m. and now at 6:30 p.m. is truly unbelievable. This a.m. he was groggy, dizzy, slurring his words and “there was no one home” when you looked into his eyes. Now after his HBOT treatment he is alert, not dizzy and definitely not slurring his words. He is ‘chatty’ (or as chatty as he gets) feels much better…still a tiny bit dizzy, or off-kilter, but so much better. I definitely need to do my research on this subject because if I hadn’t seen it myself, I truly don’t know if I would have believed the change that is possible. He even admitted he was out of it this a.m. and now feels almost normal…..or as normal as he ever gets! This treatment r-o-c-k-s!

He is going to do a series of 20 H-Bot treatments over the next few weeks. Dr. Megson has recommended 1 hour a day for 20 days (verses 3 treatments/day for 7 days). I'm sure I will post another blog about this topic! Very cool stuff.