Wednesday, June 6, 2007

3 Months Post-Transplant...My Last Blog

Today was Duni's 3 month appointment. It was the big milestone for kidney-rejection. He passed with flying colors - of course! All his labs looked great, they even lowered one of his anti-rejection meds. They think his original 2 kidneys are still working at about 25% which is causing his creatinine levels to fluctuate, but they are not concerned about it at all.

He did contract a cold up in CT last week while at Jen's house, so the docs put him on some antibiotics because with all the immuno-suppressors he's on a harmless cold can turn into pneumonia in just a few days.

This will be my last blog. We are all relieved to close this dramatic chapter of our lives. It has been an exhausting few months that has taught us a lot about each other, our friends and our families. We were able to reconnect with folks we hadn't spoken to in a while and felt your love from all over this country.

I think my mom wants to post the final blog, so keep an eye out for that. Thank-you all again for loving Duni, MaryAnn, Jen and I through the hardest 6 months of our lives. The unconditional support we received is a testimony to your compassion and empathy. May God Bless You.