Monday, April 30, 2007

First Trip to CT

My folks just dropped Caroline off at my house after spending a week up at Jen's in Connecticut. This was their first trip since the transplant. The Hughes family was going through some serious Duni and Grammy Squirt withdrawal. Marc probably missed them the most as he is in love with my mom's cooking - she can make anything GFCF and taste awesome. She made him a chocolate cheesecake, spicy shrimp roumalade, barbecue spare ribs and all his other favorites. He was in heaven. Duni got to go to tons of basketball, hockey and gymnastics, so he was happy as a clam as well.

Duni, Jen, Matthew and Caroline took a side trip to Naubuc School on Thursday to visit all the teachers and friends who have been so amazingly supportive through this whole transplant. According to Jen, our two little ones (both 5 now), loved Naubuc and caused as much trouble as we used to:) Caroline's favorite part was the art room - just like her mommy's!

I think my folks will be going back to CT sometime in June. My dad wants to see the 5th graders - they were on some field trip on Thurs and he missed them. So they will swing by here again in a few weeks, grab Caroline and head back up to CT. That whole crew is hilarious when they get together.

I'm assuming my parents will need a few days rest to recover from the week, but I'm sure Duni will be out mowing the lawn this afternoon and back on the golf course ASAP. His 2 month post-transplant mark is coming up next week. That is a big milestone apparently. He will drop a lot of his meds at that appointment (anti-virals, anti-bacterials, antacids, BPs, etc...) and just stick with the anti-rejection meds for the long term.