Monday, April 16, 2007

Busy Weekend!

My folks came up here this past Thursday and Friday to watch my kids while I was out in South Dakota and Nebraska speaking at a few conferences. My dad looks GREAT!! He seriously looks 15 years younger - it is amazing. He is so strong and healthy that we've jokingly dubbed him the Lance Armstrong of kidney transplants. Not only is he back - but he is better than he was before he even got sick.

When we first started our crazy special diets and nutritional programs, he reluctantly went along with it all. Now he is a willing and eager participant because not only does he feel amazing, but his team of doctors are in shock at how quickly and smoothly his recovery has gone. He firmly believes it is due to all the hard work he put into his health before the surgery - so he is not about to stop now, he's got decades to go:)

My dad called me this afternoon after a special package arrived at their house. It was a huge box stuffed with gifts from the teachers and staff at Naubuc School. You guys are fantastic. I'll be honest and say that not everyone in his life has stood by him during the past few months - some were hurt and even offended that he never told anyone what was going on (as if it was any body's business but his own), but he now knows without a doubt who truly loves him. The hundreds of you who continue to show him that love and support make Jen, my mom and I overjoyed and, if you can believe it, speechless.

My folks are going to swing back through here on Sunday to pick up my daughter Caroline and head up to CT for a week. My parents are going through serious Hughes children withdrawal. Duni told me that he was definitely going to stop by Naubuc to say hello to everyone and show off his 9 inch scar - he is so proud. Feel free to email them this week if you want to make sure your around to say hi -