Thursday, February 22, 2007

Transplant Postponed!

My mom got a call today from the transplant coordinator saying that due to an unforeseen emergency liver transplant, my parents' surgery was going to be bumped to Tues, March 6th. Since my dad's condition is not critical - just annoying, he is a low priority.

My mom is totally fine with it seeing that her life motto is "whatever it will be, it will be". My dad was initially irritated because he HATES dialysis, but his life motto is, "Eh - what are you gonna do?". How many of you have heard him say that over the years?

Jen and I had a totally different response - absolute disappointment ...because we are both desperate for a vacation from our kids!!! We both were looking forward to a week of shopping, eating out, catching matinees, reading, resting, knitting, writing, talking and generally enjoying the peace and quiet of life without our kids. Sure, we were going to check in on the folks occasionally to make sure they were still alive, but mainly we were both excited about hanging out together for a week.

As my folks read this, I bet they are both about to pee in their pants from laughter - and my dad is saying, "You're so bad." Again, how many of you have ever heard him say that??? But seriously, Jen and I have such wonderful husbands that they can both rearrange their schedules and take the following week off from work. We are both extremely blessed to have married such amazing men.

I'll keep you posted as we get closer. Also, my mom passed all her tests this week. So there are officially no more obstacles to the transplant except for the scheduling of the OR.

p.s. My dad came up today to drop off a lawn mower and hang out with Jackson for the morning. Both Paul and I thought he looked "amazing". The best he's looked in years. He was happy and energetic and reminded me of the pre-kidney disease Duni.