Tuesday, February 23, 2010

3 SUCCESSFUL Years (Are you Kidding Me)...Post Kidney Translant!

I was just re-reading all of the posts that Allison, Jennifer and I did during Duni's transplant 'journey'. I can't believe it has been 6 years since we moved to Virginia in 2004 and began our countdown to the transplant in March of 2007.

Just to bring everyone up-to-date Bob is doing amazing...he just had his 3 year anniversary checkup and his surgeons continue to be thrilled with his progress. As you can see from this picture taken with Ali (at my brother's wedding last summer) he is happy, but most importantly healthy. He continues to umpire softball and of course, play golf every chance he gets. His Virginia Golf Buddies are an amazing 'family' and we just can't thank them enough for everything they have done.

We have been given the OK by his doctors to move back 'HOME'!! Of course the housing market isn't cooperating...but we aren't worried...it will happen when it happens. We travel to Connecticut as often as possible and have chosen the Colchester area to re-plant our roots.

This 'road' has been very long and very difficult, both medically and personally..but it has taught us so much. We are so grateful to some family members for reaching out to us..that meant so much. We continue to be awed with our friends 'backbone' support of us...but most of all we thank God every single day for Jennifer and Marc, Ali and Paul and...Katie, Michael, Jackson, Ali Rose, Caroline Rose, and Matthew (OK Molly and Duke also). What words can possibly describe what it means to turn around and see this wall of 'family' standing there ready to do battle for you? It takes our breath away.

When we move back home there is going to be one hell of a party...so keep checking Facebook for your invitation.

And finally, please know...

We LOVE you
We THANK GOD for you
We couldn't have made it through this WITHOUT YOU and
We APPRECIATE and CHERISH this second chance at...L-I-F-E